Casella di testo: Quality Products.  Since 1935.

The company Biffi has been manufacturing high-quality putty and sealants for more than 70 years.

Among our products:

 VIKY SUPER EN certified UNI EN 751/2 ARp class

 VIKY SEAL 90F certified UNI EN 751/1

 VIKY FLON PTFE tapes made with 100% P.T.F.E.Du Pont, certified UNI EN 751/3

 VIKY 100B sealant for high temperatures (above 1200C) certified REI 180 (fire-proof)

Among our most well-know brands:






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We strongly recommend, before using the products, to make trials in order to verify the suitability in the actual operative conditions.

Biffi Rag. Antonio reserves the right to modify in any time the technical features, descriptions and illustration and is at your disposal for solvine problems in the product usage.